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Ear Surgery

Nose and Sinus Surgery

Throat / Larynx Surgery

Skull Base Surgery


Aashwi ENT Hospital is dealing with ear, nose and throat diseases, which includes most of the head and neck ailments. The hospital has a sophisticated microsurgery with the state of art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. The hospital is dedicated to expanding the frontiers of diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose and sinuses, throat and the anterior skull base.

Excellence is demonstrated daily through center's sophisticated use of flexible and rigid endoscopes, newly developed video camera system and fine binocular microscopes. with the help of world class equipment available in our out patient department several procedures like endoscopic cauterization in epistaxis patient and biopsies of certain nose and throat lesions could be performed. More cases of foreign bodies in this region can be removed with ease.


  • Operating microscope for ear and microlaryngeal surgeries
  • Endocamera system with endoscopes
  • Sound treated audiometry room with audiometry and tympanomatry
  • A/c and non a/c rooms for accommodation
  • Microdebrider
  • Coblator
  • Laser
  • 24 hour ENT Emergency
  • Video

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